The Interpreter Apprentice™ Program, developed by Come Alive Communications, Inc., provides an introduction to the field of interpreting and helps raise awareness and appreciation regarding socio-cultural diversity.

This program is ideal as a one-time session for School Assembly, Enrichment or Career Days, or longer-term as an after-school or during school enrichment program.

Onsite or virtual?

The Interpreter Apprentice™ Program has been designed to accommodate both in-person and online learning models. In case of mandated scheduling changes, the IA™ Program can seamlessly transition from an onsite to a hybrid/virtual learning experience.

Program Goals

The Interpreter Apprentice™ Program will introduce motivated students/parents/personnel to the multibillion dollar industry of language and localization services. On a daily basis, language professionals consistently require and must embody cultural respect, inclusivity and equitable mindsets to succeed.

As a side benefit, the IA™ Program may also achieve the objective of providing schools with better multilingual support to assist in oral communication needs typical of a school community.

Regardless of attitude or opinions, all participants will be introduced to a possible future career path in a thriving but often overlooked industry. Career interpreters require extensive education and a lifelong learning commitment. Motivated individuals stepping into the role of an interpreter can greatly benefit from basic formation, sensitivity and awareness of certain ground rules.

Along the way, participants will grow in their appreciation for the benefits and challenges of cultural differences and will learn how to bridge gaps in understanding.

A Tailored, Inclusive Experience

The IA™ Program is customized for each academic community/region. When registering (via a simple, online survey), you may share any special circumstances, needs or requests – especially related to academics, career-orientation, diversity, equity or inclusion – that your community is experiencing. We will help you reach your goal.


Program Benefits

Certified, career linguists will train, encourage and mentor motivated individuals from within the school setting. These Interpreter Apprentices™ will learn the importance of respect and tolerance of differences in the work setting, and might ultimately act as an in-house network of student/parent/ personnel interpreter volunteers, some of whom may already be assisting in certain ways with no training.

As a natural consequence, program participants will organically and favorably grow in their awareness and sensitivity regarding issues of inclusion, equity, diversity and racial prejudice.


The IA™ Program is flexible and can accommodate various scholastic demands and requirements, such as:

One 60-minute

“Career and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)” session (middle school)

One 90-minute

“Career and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)” session (high school)


“Career and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Enrichment” program (middle school)


“Career and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Enrichment” course (high school)


A groundbreaking language-empowerment and inclusion-awareness program for educators, students and parents.


An introduction to the language services industry.


Education and empowerment for bilingual individuals and language students.


A unique community service opportunity.


Utilization of existing resources to solve non-emergency, language-related issues.


A proactive, fruitful response to state and federal mandates regarding equity, diversity and inclusion.


A mentoring/career development opportunity for motivated students, parents and personnel.


A powerful step toward authentic cultural awareness and diversity appreciation.

Cost Savings

Over time, the IA™ Program could represent a cost savings and other benefits to particularly engaged schools.


A first-aid kit for emergent issues or school crises.

Note: The Interpreter Apprentice Program™ is not:

-A certification program

-A credential (e.g., CPR class)

By nature, the language services industry is a diverse yet harmonious group of professionals who daily bridge personal, professional, logistic and linguistic barriers in pursuit of a common goal: greater harmony and improved communication in the world at large.

This unique program will provide authentic and relevant language industry experience and cultural appreciation.

We’d love to share our experience, tools and
understanding with your group.



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